Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we snorkel at?

Some possible locations we suggest nearby is, the Hanauma Bay State Park which has an admission fee of $25.50 but is an excellent spot for beginners or the Makai Research Pier which is for more experienced snorkelers.

Do I need to leave a deposit of some sort?

Yes, we require either a drivers license/passport or a cash deposit (of equal value of items rented).

f.e if you rent only one full snorkel gear set (mask, snorkel and fins)the cash deposit fee would be $75. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Are the rentals clean?

Yes we sanitize each and every equipment after each use and store it in a clean bucket. Upon arrival we will inspect the gears and sanitize them once again with rubbing alcohol. After checking out the rentals, we suggest rinsing the mask in ocean water before use!